Broadford Distillery

Pennsylvania whiskey history, the A. Overholt Distilling Company of Broad Ford.  This distillery is located on the Youghiogheny river on the outskirts of Connellsville.  This is one of Connellsville's best kept ghost stories.  For info on the distillery itself visit  and scroll about half way down the page.  This ghost story started in 1859 shorty after Jacob Overholt's, the majority owner of the distillery, death.  He died in his mid 40's back in that time this would be old age however the Overholt family was known for having long life spans and the cause of Jacob's death is unknown.  What is known is that Jaconb's father, Abraham, wanted half of Jacob's share of the company, Jacob had 2/3 so his father wanted 1/3, Jacob would not sell.  His father had a history of losing his temper, especially if money was involved.  As the legend goes Abraham confronted Jacob one morning before the workers arrived, Jacob was known to get to the distillery very early in the morning. This altercation grew out of control quickly and Abraham is believed to have killed his son.  By this time the workers would be arriving soon and Abraham had to get rid of the body, so he buried his son on the grounds of the distillery.  After Jacob's death Abraham recieved all 2/3 of Jacob's share in the company.  Soon after that workers reported seeing figures that resembled Jacob watching meticulously over them, just as he would if he were alive.  There were also 2 fires at the distillery one in 1884 the other in 1905 and many believe that they were started be Jacob as a way of getting revenge on his father.  Over the years many people have described many unexplainable happenings on the grounds of this distillery, sense of being watched but no one is there, floating objects, and objects vanishing into thin air.  Many visitors blame Jacob for this events.  Today many still visit the old distillery in hopes of catching a glimpse of Jacob Overholt who still walks the grounds in search of his father.  If you are a skeptic looking to disprove a myth or a believer looking for answers or even if you just want an adventure I suggest you check out the Broadford Distillery.